What is the cost of a gold tooth?

My brother and his little girl lived with us for a brief period of time. His little girl, Lilly, is my mini-me. She has lots of sass, a tiny filter, and her face can say more than her mouth which is a whole lot! One afternoon, she and I were sitting on the couch coloring.Continue reading “What is the cost of a gold tooth?”

I lost my dreams

About a year ago, I created a writer’s notebook. It contained all of my blog ideas, book ideas, to-do lists, etc. I called it my dream binder. It was exciting to have a place to write down my dreams. I worked extra hard making it cute, designing the cover, filling the pages, and putting myContinue reading “I lost my dreams”

I threw an axe today

Today started as an ordinary day. I got up, got ready, and joined a few of my favorite people for a couple of meetings. We were praying for one another and planning some great things for our church family and outreach. Before we left, our pastor told us to bring closed toe shoes for teamContinue reading “I threw an axe today”

What’s Wrong With People?

What’s wrong with people? This seems to be the theme of most social media posts this past week. Most of these posts are in response to the recent law in New York that basically says a baby has no rights until it makes it outside of the womb. Even though that baby could come at any point after 21 weeks andContinue reading “What’s Wrong With People?”