If you love to see God in the random things, people and situations, you have come to the right place! God speaks to me through the most random things and I love to share the stories.

This blog is mostly about how we can see God in our everyday lives through a simple coffee cup, stressful moments of road rage, crazy kids, and even at a funeral. Sometimes, I throw in a little travel experience or baking tip just for fun as those are definitely a few of my favorite things.

In Jeremiah 29:13, God tells us if we seek him with our whole heart, we will find him. I have found this to be true time and time again.


Lilly and Leigh
my mini-me duo

I love all things pink and sparkly! In fact, my 6-year-old niece describes me as “farkly”. That is still the very best and most favorite description of me ever. I love God and any opportunity to share Him with basically anyone that will listen.

My big, fat Southern family is my absolute favorite.

I have the most fabulous nieces and nephews ever with the best sister-in-law on the planet! My brother is ok, too. Ha! Don’t even get me started on my extended family! Our family reunions are more like a comedy show!

The Fab Four

Our children are the loudest, funniest, kindest kids anywhere. The hubs is my fairytale love; forever Prince Charming. It ain’t been easy, but it sure has been fun! Last, but not least, these fab kids have given us 2 new grandbabies this past year.

I love to live life fully, laugh ‘til my sides hurt, and speak passionately about the many things that God has done for us. He has brought us through near death experiences, three deployments in four years, four teenagers, layoffs, loss of loved ones, and so much more.

My work experience looks more like you got several random strangers’ resumes stapled together. Since I started working when I was sixteen years old, I have been a cashier, jewelry store manager, fast food manager, daycare director, house cleaner, teacher, facilitator, speaker, and have literally probably bought and/or sold every single home-based business product available in Alabama and Georgia. We even owned a super fab gourmet cupcake shop for a while.

love much

Much love is my favorite tag line. (usually along with a peeps-that’s you, my reader and friend-you are my peeps) The NLT of Luke 7:47 is where I first saw “her sins-and they are many- have been forgiven, so she has shown me much love.” I love much, because I have been forgiven much. Jesus is really my favorite!


God tugged at my heart to begin blogging years ago. He then prompted me to write a book that I was too afraid to share with anyone. I am currently overcoming that fear and sharing my writing with you!


I have been speaking since I was six months old! Ha! My parents would tell you that I will talk to a fence post. They are probably right, but I have never had to find out. God has blessed me with an audience since those first words were spoken.

My first speaking engagement was in high school. It’s a story for another day, but basically my counselor asked me to share a life experience with some other girls and I did. I won a writing contest at my school around the same time, too. Why didn’t I see the signs way back then?

Fast forward to our life in Villa Rica, GA. God put me together with some of the most amazing women in the world and we started a women’s ministry at our church. Through that ministry, God opened doors for me to speak to women in many different capacities from Bible studies to conferences.

As he continues to open those doors, I continue to speak, and I continue to be thankful for the audience that he gives me no matter how large or small. So, come inside and sit a spell. Let’s get to know each other.

Much Love, peeps! 

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